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Prose Poem

  • WE Labs 235 E Broadway, 8th Floor Long Beach, CA, 90802 United States (map)

It was once said the prose poem is a bowl or box of poetry. 

Tonight we will explore the prose poem using texts such as The Prose Poem Field Guide and Great American Prose Poems edited by David Lehman. We will look at complete works of prose poems as well as works that contain only a few prose poems (and why that might be). 

There will be 2-3 new writing prompts. 

Everyone welcome!

$3 donation please =)



Franz Wright

Incomprehensible fate that sentenced my father to my mother. I can’t blame him, I would have left the raving bitch myself, and would do so many many times in years to come. Then, of course, I came along. There is a limit to what one man can endure. So I suppose I am the reason he left, actually. I am the one to blame. And yet he did his best; he did all that he was capable of doing, and wrote me every year, like clockwork. He rarely remembered to mail what he wrote me, poor man (when I think of what I must have put him through), barely legible one-sentence postcards he sometimes worked at half the night; but as they all said the same thing, word for word, it wasn’t that bad. He could be forgiven. The blizzard I visit your city disguised as will never be over and never arrive. I think what he was trying to say was that at some point I’d begin to notice I was freezing, wasn’t dressed right, had nowhere to go, and was staggering into a blinding snow that no one else could see. I think he meant, the cold will make you what I am today.


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