Write With Us

Writing new work is a top priority at The Poetry Lab. It doesn't matter to us what you're writing, only that you're building a routine and working on your goals. We spend more time writing new work than we spend on any other activity. This is because we feel that generating new material in a friendly, but motivating environment is one of the rarer experiences in the writing community. Readings are designed to help you share your work and workshops are there to help you revise and better your work, but creating the work itself is also an important part of the process. If you're looking for a place to continue a writing project, or start on a new one The Poetry Lab is the place. 

A typical night at The Poetry Lab goes like this:

  • Introductions/book sharing

  • Craft talk 

  • Short break

  • Writing prompt

  • Share what we've written

  • Writing prompt 

  • End

Our version of a craft talk is half-lecture, half-interactive conversation on a predetermined topic. Everyone is welcome to bring their ideas to the table. This year, we've picked Mary Oliver's A Poetry Handbook as our main text. We've covered topics such as Sound and Line Breaks. In the future, we hope to bring more voices into Poetry Lab's curriculum by having our members plan session topics and lead craft talks.


Writing Prompts

Each meeting is designed to inspire, challenge, and engage your writing mind. Surrounded by your peers with your head buried in a book or a notepad I dare you NOT to write something. With a few exceptions, we do writing prompts at every session. That means that no matter what else happens, no matter what you went through that day, how brave or weak you feel, you will leave The Poetry Lab with something in your hand. A poem? A story? The beginnings of something that will hopefully carry over into your life and propel you towards your pen once you're alone again. 

For more on writing prompts visit our Experiment page.

What to Bring

If you're joining us for the first time please bring:

  • Pen
  • Paper or notebook (computers and tablets are fine, too. Whatever you're comfortable writing with.)
  • A book you are currently reading or the most recent book you purchased (yay if it's a poetry book!)
  • Snacks are always welcome. WE Labs provides us drinking water, but we like wine, donuts, candy, and vegetables (of course!)
  • $3-$5 cash donation (is always appreciated, but not required)



EVERYONE IS WELCOME. We know it can be intimidating walking into a room of people you don't know and sitting down to write with them. But our purpose is to serve writers by keeping them writing and helping them meet other writers. So you have to come, otherwise the system fails and the machines win!!