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Please: Session Inspired by Jericho Brown

  • WE Labs 235 East Broadway, 8th Floor Long Beach, CA, 90802 United States (map)

Throughout 2016 our class sessions have been based on one book by a selected poet. This has enabled us to inhabit the world of a single poet, to learn from their poems, to study their life, to come away inspired, and with new tools to approach our own writing. In September we continue this project by studying Please, the award-wining debut collection of poetry by Jericho Brown. 


Everyone is welcome! Please bring your own writing materials. 

$3 donation 


Excerpt from "Track 1: Lush Life"

Jericho Brown

The woman with the microphone sings to hurt you,

To see you shake your head. The mic may as well

Be a leather belt. You drive to the center of town

To be whipped by a woman's voice. You can't tell

The difference between a leather belt and a lover's

Tongue. A lover's tongue might call you bitch,

A term of endearment where you come from, a kind

Of compliment preceded by the word sing

In certain nightclubs. A lush little tongue

You have: you can yell, Sing bitch, and, I love you...



Jericho Brown, "Track 1: Lush Life" from Please. Copyright © 2008 by Jericho Brown.